SkenarioLabs co-operates with Minut to bring IoT to housing sector

SkenarioLabs co-operates with Minut to bring IoT to housing sector

Hello everybody,

Just coming home from Manchester, where we took part in CIH2018 and announced a very interesting co-operation with a Swedish company Minut. Thought of writing few words on this.

Our customers, property owners and managers, and obviously tenants both want to look after their homes. Tenants want to live in safe & healthy homes, and housing providers want to provide them. Naturally, property IoT & sensors are a big thing also in proptech at the moment and have a huge potential in addressing these issues as well as opportunities in properties.

The problem with this equation, based on our knowledge of the sector, is creating value for the tenants and providers at the same time. For tenants introducing sensors is a big hassle starting from installing and configurations, but moreover, tenants don’t want to feel monitored and this is usually the case when providers or landlords are introducing new technologies to tenants.

For the providers, the problems are more apparent. Committing in a tech that is futureproofed, finding a tech that doesn’t require too significant investments (knowing that better more affordable tech is just around the corner) and most importantly finding the right product that the tenants want to use.

Another part is the asset management side, what SkenarioLabs is developing fiercely both for residential and commercial real-estate owners/managers. How can one utilize the valuable information from your property units and use it in the best possible way to make asset management and decision making more efficient? Too often we’re seeing solutions, where decisions and diagnostics are made straight from the real-time data dashboards without combining it to any benchmarking or more profound analytics on the characteristics of the property or condo. A similar analogy would be a doctor, who’d make diagnostics on you just based on what can be heard through the stethoscope and ignoring the patient history and characteristics of you as a patient. Not a really good look.

We had our first talks with Minut a few months back in London. From the beginning, it was clear that we share similar ideas on the idea of digitalization in proptech or real-estate sector. Where our companies are coming from, and what we are trying to address for at least to our housing customers, is that the ONLY objective of any digitalization or IoT process what an organization is taking or is in verge of taking should be that all of the outcomes of whatever is done or streamlined in the process, should add value to tenants lives. Period.

After the initial talks and through a joint trial customer we could both immediately see massive potential in combining our great techs together and start to cook up a joint offering on aside of our BAU offerings.

So we’re happy to present the first solution in the market, anywhere, where we combine the whole chain from customer experience, safety, health, condition surveying to asset management and smart investment plans.

Point is an affordable home security system designed with humans in mind by a great Swedish company Minut. It’s designed for consumers; thus it’s super easy to install, and it collects all the relevant indicators (smoke, motion, noise, temperature, humidity etc.) from your home, safety and healthy first. Tenants can monitor and manage their own homes through affordable Scandinavian design hardware and a beautiful app. That’s something the tenants actually want to have.

Well, who’s reading this should know what we do, but to clarify, in this co-operation we bring our web service to the table as a plug-in IoT platform combining historical asset data to real-time data and derive smart investment and asset management plans from reality. We combine the patient history to the analytics coming through the stethoscope, analyze all the characteristics of the property & condo and give accurate and detailed diagnostics based on the data and the characteristics, history and nuances in the property unit.

Moreover, to the best part, pricing. We’ve introduced our joint offering first to the housing with pricing starting from few euros per device per month. No big investments to uncertain technologies needed. Low-friction futureproof device and a platform combining real-time data and your asset data. Also, most importantly: Everything starting from a device a tenant wants to install to their homes.

We utilize our customer’s data, and go through the whole chain from making the tenant safe and healthy to asset management and add value for both the tenants and for the providers. How’s that for a definition of digitalization?

Were already started to trial with one housing provider, Richmond Housing Partnership, what started with tenants actually wanting to use the Point device. Now we’re reaching out to other property owners & managers who really want to make their digitalization and IoT-leaps count and add value to their organizations daily routine.

Please, go to our website to learn more.

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon,