Introducing the New Property Portfolio View!

Introducing the New Property Portfolio View!

Our tech team gathered together and after intense testings, they came up with a new, powerful and advanced portfolio view.  We’ve made these great changes to our portfolio view because we always look up to deliver the best service to our customers.

What are the new features?

  • We updated the renovation forecast bar chart to display unit and building renovations. The most expensive upcoming renovations are listed separately. The energy consumption forecast is now presented also in portfolio level and showing how the expected energy consumption is changing due to future renovations. For the current year, we also introduce a new figure repair cost over property value.
  • We introduce an overview of current lease agreements (Current Vacancy Rate, Current Distribution Of Vacancy Rate, Average Days-To-Lease, Tenant Turnover) and how the state of the lease agreements is going to evolve in future (Number Of Expiring Leases, Vacancy Rate, Value of Expiring Leases, Capex, and Income).
  • In property area history chart we display the age distribution of the properties in decades.
  • We present an overview of the financial status by introducing figures describing the current state (like the value of the entire stock, Gross Rental Income per month, Capex, Opex, NOI, Gross Initial Yield, Net Initial Yield, Internal Rate Of Return). Furthermore, we display charts presenting the forecast of Capex and income as well as the evolution of the stock value in time (Estimated property value).
  • We use machine learning algorithms to make detailed-estimations of property value and expected renovations.


How will the new portfolio view look like?

  • The portfolio has 3 new sections: technical, property and finance. We present further and advanced analytics with plenty of visual charts.
  • The line chart is now able to visualize analytics using value points along with the tooltip feature, which is now available on all charts. It also indicates when there is past analytics with a solid line and future analytics with a dashed line.
  • General optimization and improvement in user interface.

About these updates, Hannu Nikupeteri, SkenarioLabs’ CTO comments: “We’re extremely excited about this new portfolio view! We have put a lot of effort in building this complete and quality customer’s experience”

Now that all the significant changes in the portfolio are out – it’s time for you to test! See these extraordinary features with your own eyes! If you would like to give us a comment or ask a question, just drop us a message at