SkenarioLabs CEO Topi Tiihonen taking the stage at MIPIM 2019!

SkenarioLabs CEO Topi Tiihonen taking the stage at MIPIM 2019!

MIPIM is the largest property event in the world attracting over 20,000 visitors coming to beautiful Cannes for a week of real estate industry panels, keynote presentations and unlimited networking.

As well as being part of the City of Helsinki Pavillon and venture capital accelerator Innogy Innovation Hub stands, our CEO was invited to present an exclusive keynote speech about Skenarios. Read below the accurate yet exciting full speech:

So what is Skenarios? (In case you still haven’t heard about us)

Our platform tells property owners, investors and financial institutes where to invest, where to put the money to manage both the value and the risk meaning future costs repairs and maintenance of portfolios. Both residential and commercial.

In a nutshell, we combine automated valuation models into data-driven technical surveys. If you have hundreds or thousands of properties manual surveys that are very expensive, not accurate and they’re never answering your questions on “where should I invest with this budget and with these objectives? Then you’d still need the economical insight.

Why do the biggest financial institutes and portfolios in the Nordics trust a company that has only been in the markets for two years?

Because we are the only company in Europe that combines automatic valuation, also in low-liquid areas, and technical risks assessments in properties into automated profit expectations. For property unit level for residential and commercial. Our model has been evaluated by European standards and our error margin is less than 8% at the moment also Including the low liquid areas. This means that twice as accurate than a human, but 100000 times faster. And we can do this to any market area.

Let’s go more into detail – How does Skenarios differentiate from the current models?

The present models cannot perform in areas where there is no or very little transaction data available. Another major aspect is that the existing models cannot take a grip on future costs, for example, CAPEX & OPEX. Therefore, if you can give a value to a property but don’t know the future value projections with the costs, you cannot tell what is a good investment and what is not.

Concerning the technology

Our technology combines your data to science, statistics and to a huge data lake of actual reference property data. Our model’s strength is, that whether we’re looking at 10 or 100000 property units, residential or commercial, it compiles every property we analyze, from systems components and materials and knows the differences, characteristics and effects of each of these to the value and the risk of a property unit. In brief, we combine international valuation standards to AI driven insight derived from reality.

Concerning the products

We have two products for existing portfolios and for prospecting, our web service digitalizes the basic data from your portfolios, validates your data, valuates, makes accurate technical surveys for each property unit in your stock and determines the CAPEX & OPEX projections and in the end tell you where to spend your money in the next cycle for the best ROI. And again with just basic data.

We also have an API solution for financial institutions giving you automated analytics on fair-values, technical risks, profit expectations and other KPI’s on demand to your existing systems or to white labels. Already in use by several institutional players.

If you would like to know more about Skenarios, just drop us a message to request a free demo.