Saunas get the highest value in Easter Finland, according to AI analytics.

Saunas get the highest value in Easter Finland, according to AI analytics.

Sauna is a substantial part of the Finnish culture and among five million inhabitants, there are two million saunas. A huge number. Traditionally, when people were moving, the first thing they would do was to build a sauna. Finns would use sauna to live, eat and give birth. Nowadays, the sauna is more used for pleasure.

We collected a huge number of data to study how sauna effects two-room apartment prices in different parts of Finland. After quick research, we came up with very interesting discoveries.

We found out that saunas are very highly considered in Lake Finland meaning the areas in Eastern Finland. In fact, almost 16% of a property is valued only for its sauna. That is an incredibly high percentage considering that in other parts of the world, people don’t even have a sauna in their homes. The reason behind it, it’s probably due to the fact that there are many lakes in those areas and Finnish people are well known for having saunas and swimming in lakes during summer, but also in the winter time when the lakes are covered with ice.

Specifically, we had a look in more detail into Varkaus. Varkaus was chosen because it represents a typical mid-sized eastern Finland town (where the sauna has the largest effect). According to our data, it looks like the value of sauna has increased in places where the values of apartments have decreased. The following graph shows clearly that the value of sauna in Varkaus has substantially increased in the last few years.

However, in southern Finland, where there’s the capital city, Helsinki and other major cities like Espoo and Vantaa, the saunas don’t seem to affect the pricing of apartments. As a matter of fact, even though the price of apartments is increasing every year in urban areas, saunas have little to no effect. Especially in Helsinki, the value of saunas is slumping considerably. The reason might be that the demand for apartments is so high that the vendors are able to sell despite the presence or not of saunas. The chart below gives this evidence with intelligible numbers.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to purchase an apartment or cottage in Eastern Finland, remember to always look up for saunas. And if there is no sauna, we suggest you build one. In this way, you’ll get a good return on your investment. 😊

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