The Interesting Proptech Discoveries We Made At Smart Cities New York, Real Estate Expo and Future Proptech!

The Interesting Proptech Discoveries We Made At Smart Cities New York, Real Estate Expo and Future Proptech!

SMART CITIES NEW YORK + Visit to the DISRUPTION LAB – Hannu Nikupeteri

Our CTO Hannu Nikupeteri flew all the way to the US, stopped in New York for Smart Cities and finally landed in Nashville to be at the Disruption Lab.

His first comment, in case you have never been in these places, is that New Yorkers are very active whereas in Nashville people tend to be more relaxed. Another funny story was that there were king size muffins almost similar to cakes, so quite a different size from what we’re used to in Europe. 

But going back to business – this visit to Smart Cities New York was arranged by the Helsinki Business Hub and KIRAHub, in cooperation with the Consulate General of Finland in New York.

We made an interesting discovery that New York has set a goal to reduce emissions by 60% by 2030. So the focus currently is on using alternative energy solutions like solar panels, wind power etc. The properties will need to be renovated to make them more energy efficient. SkenarioLabs fits well in this last scenario because we can predict the costs, potential profit and emission effects of renovations. On the other hand, it’s hard for property owners to estimate these costs and their effect on their profits.

The visit continued to Nashville for a joint Nordic event and business meetings at the Disruption Lab. The visit provided a special opportunity to get to know two very different sides of the USA smart buildings scene. The general urban landscape in the Nashville region is changing fast. The city is growing towards the outer suburbs of the city, but people have also started to move back to the city centre. This has led to rapid growth in the residential and commercial real estate sector. This gives interesting opportunities to anyone who can serve property owners and investors.  

REAL ESTATE EXPO – Peter Sundell

To learn more about Real Estate Expo, we interviewed Peter Sundell, our Junior Data Scientist who was physically there at the event. So here is a quick sum up of his thoughts and feelings.

Real Estate Expo was inspiring and there were a lot of interesting experts with novel ideas. Peter learned how charging of electric cars can be implemented for properties and what are the most up-to-date actions to take in order to improve energy efficiency in properties. He left the event with more knowledge of future prospects and possible clients/collaborators in our back pocket. Peter gave a demo on Skenarios, showing how asset managers and financial institutes can save time and energy with accurate property valuation and technical risk assessment. He added also an important statement: “AI won’t replace jobs, but will make people’s lives easier”.


Jukka Viikari, our data scientist was one week in London for Future Proptech. The event actually lasted only one day but it was a good opportunity for him to go and see our new office located at Foraspace in London. His first impression on Future Proptech was that it brought together proptech startups and more traditional real estate companies and investors. SkenarioLabs was there with other startups at the venture capital and accelerator innogy Innovation Hub’s stand.

The event was split up into two stages with important themes. One stage was dedicated to how the real estate sector is being fundamentally changed by global trends such as urbanisation, demographics & technology. The second stage was for showing case studies, on-stage demos and success stories by leading real estate companies. We were part of this and our CEO Topi Tiihonen gave a speech about SkenarioLabs and later was joined on stage by Olaf Ten Duis from innogy Innovation Hub and Eldar Gizzatov from

That’s it for now but stay tuned because on 15-22 June we’ll be in Denmark for the Copenhagen Fintech Week!