Introducing a NEW FEATURE – Property Market Overview

Introducing a NEW FEATURE – Property Market Overview

We always look up to deliver the best service with advanced, innovative features and today we are pleased to announce that we have added a NEW feature – Property Market Overview. 

What is this feature?

With Property Market Overview, you get estimated property values of the whole market. In other words, you get the potential value of properties that help you decide where to invest. There are four parameters that are taken into consideration for the potential values of properties: 

1) Value/m2

2) Rent/m2

3) Net initial yield

4) Price changed over the last 12 months

The values shown are a general automated estimation based on each building’s property types, geographical location, floor areas, and building characteristics. The building characteristics include, for example, the building year, material and renovation history.

Where can you find this feature?

Simply, by going to the map and clicking on a small switch called “Property market overview” at the bottom of the screen. Check this video below to learn more:

On which country is this feature applicable to?

For now, it is feasible to use this feature in Finland but stay tuned, because in the nearest future it will be applicable in different countries!

Now that this feature is released, it’s time for you to test it – If you would like to give us a comment or ask a question, just drop us a message below or directly at!

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