Learning More on Property Market Overview

Learning More on Property Market Overview

As you may have heard or seen, recently we have introduced a new feature Property Market Overview which shows estimated property insights of the whole market. In other words, you get to see the overview of the whole market that helps you decide where to invest

You can find this feature in our service by simply going to the map and clicking on a small switch called “Property market overview” at the bottom of the screen. With this blog post, we’ll give you some more details on this latest release.

CAPEX & OPEX estimations 

Did you know that with Property Market Overview you can get an overview of the CAPEX & OPEX estimations? And how to look for them?

First of all, CAPEX estimations include, for example, the renovations needed for a property and with this feature, you can choose to select up to 10 years of repair estimations or up to 30 years repairs estimations. You can find those by simply clicking on the map and selecting the left menu.

OPEX estimations are operating expenditures and with this feature, you can select the building energy costs and other building-related indicators such as building energy use, building emissions and maintenance urgency. Where to find that information? In the same place as the CAPEX estimations!

In case you’ve missed our latest blog post about Property Market Overview, check it out here. That was it for this blog post, but if you wish to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact our front-end developer thanh@skenariolabs.com or drop us a message below: 

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