Presenting Property Income and Value with our NEW feature – Property Market View

Presenting Property Income and Value with our NEW feature – Property Market View

As you may have already heard or seen, we have released a new feature – Property Market Overview – which shows estimated property insights of the whole market, therefore, suggesting you where to invest. 

When it comes to property management, it’s very crucial to analyze the income generated from your asset versus its costs. In the previous blog post, we introduced you the costs (i.e. capex and opex). With this blog post, we will focus on how to see the income and values, both at an individual level and at a whole market and how can property investors benefit from those.


Rent is the periodic incomes that an owner receives by a tenant in exchange of renting out a property. More often, this information is usually scattered and located in different places over the internet or in book entries of account managers. Therefore, it is quite hard, for example, to compare rents of different properties in several regions. With this rent feature, we gathered the rent of every property in Finland in one place so that investors can explore and benchmark how rent is varied by type (i.e. office, retail, logistics, and residential) and location (i.e. city center, big cities vs small cities, and elsewhere in Finland).

In this short video below, we show you how you can easily look-up for rent of any property using our latest feature – property market overview. Rent can be reviewed at a market level by seeing the colour indicating the rental values. By simply zooming out of the map, you can see which area has a higher rent and which one has a lower rent. By zooming in and clicking on the property, rental values can be assessed directly.


Property Value

Property values are the most likely price that a willing buyer and seller agree upon on one property. This piece of information is a hidden treasure and interest for almost any individual who is working closely with real estate. Similarly to rent, we gather everything in one place so that investors can see the whole market in a snapshot. With this feature, you can choose which property type or market area suits you best before making further decisions.

Below is a short video which shows you how to find the value of any property you wish for. In the same way as rent, property values can be assessed at a market level at a glance. In addition, you can assess the values of an individual property.

We’re now over with this blog post, but stay tuned because in the next blog post we’ll discuss more on property market overview, in specific, on the net initial yield and price changed over the last 12 months, that can also be found by using this feature. If you wish to drop us a message, don’t hesitate to contact or fill in your message below:

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