Identifying the Property Net Initial Yield and its Costs with our NEW feature – Property Market Overview

Identifying the Property Net Initial Yield and its Costs with our NEW feature – Property Market Overview

A short while ago we launched an extremely powerful feature – Property Market Overview – which shows property insights of the whole market, therefore, advising you where to invest.

When it comes to property management, it’s very crucial to analyze the income generated from your asset versus its costs and returns. Therefore, in the previous blog posts, we have introduced you on how to analyze property incomes and values in different geographic areas or property type. We also introduced you on how to assess your property costs and future renovations in the next decade, with a simple click of a button. And this week, we’ll go through on how to assess the returns of your potential investments and how the values of those above-mentioned have changed over the past 12 months.

Net initial yield 

Net initial yield is a ratio of income generated from a property after deducting expenses and its price. This piece of information determines how much annual incomes an investor expects to receive from his investment. You can see the yield level of one market area at a glance by zooming out on the map and choose a location that you wish to acess. By zooming in and clicking on one specific property, you can examine the yield. In the same way as incomes and costs, described in the previous blog post, we analyze these indicators of every single property in Finland, by taking into account its property type (i.e. office, retail, logistics, and residential), and location (i.e. city center, big cities vs small cities, and elsewhere in Finland).

Price changed

The price changed over the last 12 months is a measurement of the percentage changed between the most recent price of a property compared to its price last year. It is, of course, very interesting to know how assets’ values in a portfolio increase or decrease within time because it helps in making decisions regarding which property can be included or excluded from a portfolio. With this price change feature, you can see how much percentage of your asset rises or falls compared to the previous year. Similarly to yield, you can also assess the price variation of the market area by zooming out from the map and zooming in at the individual property and selecting a specific property.

Now that you are all set – it’s time for you to test it! Check our service and if you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our data scientist or simply drop us a message below. We would love to hear your feedback on our new feature! And don’t forget to repost this blog post on your social media channels!

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