Value for Asset & Investment Managers 

Whether it’s a 1000 or 100000 property units, Skenarios is able to conduct reliable standardised valuations, with confidence levels, risk factors and parameters explaining the value in just a few minutes. In this way, you save time and can focus on the transactions, on the real money.


  • You get automatic & reliable property analytics from data validation to technical surveys
  • On-demand investment plans to manage your portfolio, based on your budget and objectives
  • Automatic property valuation for both residential and commercial real-estate
  • Benchmarking your properties in terms of value, rents, technical characteristics, risk & performance

Automatic property valuation with a click of a button

Saving time = using the time more efficiently

Medium and long-term plans with return on investment

Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja – Case Study

Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja Oy is a public-owned real estate company and has been in business for the last 60 years. It is owned by the City of Imatra and their task is to build and manage all the buildings that are owned by the city.
Mitra is using SkenarioLabs service to manage buildings through short and long-term operations plans and costs valuation.
“The user interface is nice and very easy to use because you can find all the information you need very easily. Before SkenarioLabs, the previous software programs were too detailed and laborious. SkenarioLabs service is instead interactive, easy to implement and represents the new, advanced cultural change,” says Marko Pollari, Financial Manager, Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja.
“Earlier all the information was scattered in multiple locations but with SkenarioLabs, all the data is segregated in one place only,” Marko Pollari, continues.
“As we’re a public company, decisionmakers and politicians are interested to know what we’re doing and what will be the costs, and with SkenarioLabs we can solve this quite easily,” says Jyri Honkasalo, Technical Property Manager, Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja.
When asked how they would evaluate SkenarioLabs based on the overall user experience, they rated the service very high.

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