Value for Energy Companies

Would you like to get more customers through reliable property solar electricity potential and forecasting analytics? We offer you a solution with accessible, easy and visual insights to maximise your return on investment.

Benefits for Energy Companies

Insights on property rooftop solar energy

Detailed estimations on electricity consumption

AI analytics on customer behaviour and preferences

What We Offer

Calculating the potential of rooftop solar energy on properties

Providing detailed data-analytics on property value, technical solutions and future renovations

Forecasting accurate estimations on heating, cooling and electricity consumptions

Providing machine-learning based data-analytics on customer behaviour and preferences

Case Study

Fortum – Case Study

Fortum Oyj is a Finnish state-owned energy company focusing on the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia and India. Fortum operates power plants, including co-generation plants, and generates and sells electricity and heat.
Customer problem
Fortum realized that one of the strongest doubts for consumers seems to be that in the Nordic countries there’s not enough sun to produce solar energy.
Customer solution
To tackle this scepticism, Fortum in collaboration with SkenarioLabs, created Fortum Aurinkolaskuri, the solar benefit calculator which calculates the houses’ solar potential in just a few seconds. The calculator uses the building properties and measured solar radiation data to give a detailed estimate on the electricity consumption and production capability. Those estimates are then converted to a recommendation for an optimised panel system setup – customer can get a trustworthy, turnkey solution quote just by entering his address.
Customer problem
Fortum wanted to make solar energy intuitive and meaningful for their customers throughout the entire service cycle. During the re-design of the website, Fortum realized that there was a lot of specific terminologies that were not clear enough for the customers. The customers did not understand the meaning of such things, like inverter, kilowatts per hour, and other solar energy-related terminology. Therefore, it was the time to take a bold leap forward and add a deeper customer-centric approach to the entire solar energy production and consumption experiences for consumers.
Customer solution
To simplify this, Fortum in collaboration with SkenarioLabs, designed a detailed customer journey map highlighting the benefits of solar energy and helping customers have a better understanding of solar energy production and consumption. In specific, Fortum in collaboration with SkenarioLabs, created an intuitive online service which kept consumers, staff, and third-party installers informed of current state of the order and what action they could each take in order to get the solar panels delivered and installed as quickly as possible. Moreover, the website was re-designed with a new user experience, tone of voice and terminology, to be as simple and understandable as possible. Playful and meaningful visualisations were added to help customers better understand their solar energy production and consumption.

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