Value for Energy Companies

Would you like to get more customers through reliable property solar electricity potential and forecasting analytics? We offer you a solution with accessible, easy and visual insights to maximise your return on investment.

  • Calculating the potential of rooftop solar energy on properties
  • Providing detailed data-analytics on property value, technical solutions and future renovations
  • Forecasting accurate estimations on heating, cooling and electricity consumption
  • Providing machine-learning based data-analytics on customer behaviour and preferences



Insights on property rooftop solar energy

Detailed estimations on electricity consumption

AI analytics on customer behaviour and preferences

Case Study


With SkenarioLabs, Fortum designed a detailed customer journey map highlighting the benefits of solar energy and helping customers have a better understanding of solar energy production and consumption:

  • Fortum Aurinkolaskuri service offers a solar benefit calculator to calculate the houses’ solar potential in just a few seconds.

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