Our service digitalizes your property portfolios, provides detailed & reliable data-driven technical surveys & value assessments to your properties and tells you where to invest for the best return on investment.

Our service utilities your data and enrich it with analytics derived from reality. The service produces powerful property intelligence for real estate sector to understand the value and the potential of your property stock.

Our AI-Driven Products 

Web Service

Our web service digitalizes the basic data from your portfolios, validates your data, evaluates, makes accurate technical surveys for each property unit in your stock and determines the CAPEX & OPEX projections. Our web service tells you where to spend your money in the next cycle for the best ROI. And with just basic data.


Our API solution gives you automated analytics on fair-values, technical risks, profit expectations, repair forecast for any building and other KPI’s on demand to your existing systems or to your white labels. For the user, this means more efficiency and automated routines. For companies, it allows to build entirely new digital services.

The key features of Skenarios web service

  • Understand the value of your property stock and see which property should be maintained first to get the best return on your investment
  • Determine the technical risk and its effects on real estate value, rent and income projections
  • Scientific, non-opinionated and standardised analytics on technical property performance and valuation
  • Get intelligence and recommendations to support your investment decisions
  • Determine your renovation and repair needs in component level
  • All your data & analytics in one place – Transparency for your investors and stakeholders
  • Add value to your existing systems or create new services based on our APIs

Where we get the data 

Housing transactional data

(real estate transacting price and values from partners)

Geospatial & neighbourhood information

(i.e. soil type, noise level & distances to schools, shopping malls, bus stops etc)

Social and economic data

(i.e. population, GDP, income, land use and other statistical data)

Property Analytics for Your Industry

Property Owners

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Financial Institutes

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Energy Companies

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Asset & Investment Managers

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Property Developers

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Topi Tiihonen


“SkenarioLabs has been looking at actual property data like maintenance requests, renovation history and real-time data for three years now. One thing what we have learned is, that the industry really knows very little about properties and the factors related to their performance & value. This has engaged us to develop our data-driven approach on technical risk & valuation assessment. To be able to objectively break down the parameters compiling the fair value of properties and it’s possible projections seems to be adding lots of value to our customers”

Topi Tiihonen


Hannu Nikupeteri


“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.”

Hannu Nikupeteri